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Yes, yes, some might say that the British Summer officially begins with the Summer Solstice in June, but we are getting a jump on it!
That means ALL kinds of excitement and joy-full …events, promotions and happenings here at HOME headquarters!

We will be showing Wimbledon, World Cup Matches (all of the England ones for as long as we stay in the game, and then as many of the finals as we can!), and the Commonwealth Games – all on our big screen with IMMENSE promotions on food & drinks to enhance your viewing pleasure!

The last Friday of every month will see the epic HOME Quiz night, and the last Sunday of the month will be our Table Top & Craft Sale, complete with Bouncy Castles, BBQ & activities for the kids.

We have charity Bingo Bonanza’s, Steak Nights, Wild West Summer Parties, Coffee Mornings, Community Events and much much more in the pipeline for what is promising to be an INCREDIBLE Summer here at HOME.

In order to fit all of this unbelievable goodness in, from this this weekend we are retiring our Sunday ‘Roast & Pudding’ days to the great ‘food-heaven-in-the-sky’ for the Summer Season…we know that those of you who have been enjoying the delights of Sundays @ HOME will be sad, but we have so much other good stuff coming up that we know you’ll understand!

Remember, HOME is an incredible location for all of your party & event needs – and we’re super at catering for outside events too!

We’ll be updating you regularly on what is happening here at HOME, but for more information on any of the above just pop in to the Lightmoor HOME venue, email us on, call us on 01952 502850.

Spectacular Quizzing at HOME

Full House at HOME!

Full House at HOME!

Well – we’ve had two of our now-monthly HOMEstyle Quiz nights, and they’ve both gone off with a Bang!

Each night has seen a full house of quizzing heroes pitting their wits against Quizmaster John and their fellow Quiz-ees, all in pursuit of the most esteemed accolade achievable – HOME quiz Champions!

Our February quiz was particularly great, with a portion of the team entry fee being donated to ‘Mind Telford’, a great charity who do all kinds of wonderful work around issues of mental health in our local area. For more information on their great work, check out their website:

HOME quiz nights are monthly. Make sure you book your team in by calling us on 01952 502850, emailing us on, or pop in to see us at the HOME Lightmoor Venue.

HOME goes Bananas for Fair Trade


Here at HOME, ‘Justice’ and ‘Family’ are our heartbeat. We believe that we are a part of a much bigger whole, and that when we choose to play fair, to share what we have with the rest of the worldwide family, to pay a fair price for our purchases, that there should be enough to go around.

Buying as much of our produce and as many of our products from sources that are Fair Trade, or Ethically Traded, is one of the many ways that we make that happen. All of our Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate come from fair and ethically traded sources, as do our Waters, Juices, Smoothies, Chocolate and as many of our Carbonated drinks as possible!
Fairtrade is all about addressing issues of Justice within trade and industry. Too often the ‘fat cats’ of big business, who have the resources and contacts to buy cheap and sell at high profit, can leave producers out in the cold, or with no option but to sell their products at a loss to organisations that have a local monopoly. Fairtrade develops better terms of trade for farmers and workers in the two-thirds world, and helps to bring about better prices, working conditions and develop local sustainability.

Fairtrade means that companies buying products must pay sustainable prices, and guarantee a minimum price for the product. When the market price is higher than the Fairtrade minimum price, the trader must pay the market price.

This makes SUCH a difference for farmers and producers on the ground. It means that their hard work does not leave them without profit, it means that they are able to grow their businesses and provide for their families, it means that they get life.

Why should producers live on the margins of poverty just so that WE can buy a cheaper product, and corporations can make stacks of money?!

Do you want to get involved in sharing the love, and the resource? Well…there are a multitude of ways to do that:

  • Come and visit use here at HOME for some fabulous fairly and ethically traded goodies
  • Visit FairTrade fortnights awesome website and do some investigation about what’s happening in the world of unsustainable supermarket pricing before SIGNING the petition. Go to
  • Make some changes in the products that you buy. Did you know that there is a vast array of products that can be Fairtrade certified, and even more that are ethically produced.

Fairtrade standards exist for Bananas, Cocoa, Coffee, Dried Fruit, Fresh Fruit & Fresh Vegetables, Honey, Juice Nuts/Oil Seeds/Oil, Quinoa, Rice, Spices, Sugar, Tea, Wine. And for some non-food products: Beauty products, Cotton, Cut Flowers, Ornamental Plants, Sports Balls, Gold, Platinum, Silver.

See you at HOME!

Meet the Family

We are so pleased to be partners with a fabulous organisation called the Turning Point Trust

Turning Point works with people from the Kibera Slum area of Nairobi, Kenya, to ‘relieve poverty, restore hope, & transform lives. Kibera is a mass of humanity living in appalling conditions. Rubbish and raw sewage run down the lanes, families live in single mud rooms with leaky tin roofs, and crime and insecurity are rife.

Read more

Meet the Founders


The founders of The HOME Organisation are Claire Bent and Kate Chamberlain.

They are sisters, travelling partners, best friends and co-conspirators… and they can’t think of a better basis upon which to build an organisation that is, after all, all about FAMILY. Read more

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By Taxi: Tell the driver your headed to the HOME Coffee House & Bistro, opposite Lightmoor Village Primary School, the Oak Tree Centre, and Bournville House.

By Bus: The Arriva 77 Bus Service to Lightmoor Village stops right outside HOME on Lightmoor Village Square.

By Car: Using Satnav postcode TF4 3EG will bring you outside the Lightmoor Village Primary School & Oak Tree Centre building. HOME Coffee House is opposite on the square. A car park is available at the rear.

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