About HOME

FamilyHOME is your place. An ethical, not-for-profit Coffee House & Bistro serving great quality produce and all manner of Coffees & Teas. Learn about the HOME organisation founders Kate and Claire and the how organisation partners with the Turning Point Trust and its work in Kibera Slum area of Nairobi, Kenya.

The HOME flagship venue in Telford serves Stunning Lattes to Steaming Chai’s and Indulgent Hot Chocolates; also a wide selection of cold drinks. Homebaked Goodies; Lovely Lunches, and much more. Head on down to find some space to hang out, recharge, meet friends, build community, or just read the papers over one of our creations! We are also fully licensed with a range of wines, beers and ales.

Where? 3 Lightmoor Way, Lightmoor Village, TF4 3EG.

Our Mission Statement: ‘The HOME Organisation exists to invite people to be a part of something BIGGER than themselves, regarding all of humanity as their family and creating a global network of shared relationship, resource and responsibility.’

HOME is a word that conveys so many things.

At its best it speaks of a place of belonging, of value, of safety and security. A place where we come ‘HOME’ from all the worries of the day, It speaks of who we are, of family, of love, of shelter from the storm, of ‘enough’.

We long for home, we get homesick, we feel ‘at HOME’ in places where we can be our fullest selves.

But for too many in this world, the word HOME speaks of unfulfilled longings – longings for the day when there will be peace, security, enough, opportunity, value – and that day is long in coming.

There are too many in this world for whom security of food, water, education, housing, healthcare, love and opportunity is not a guarantee, but an unfulfilled longing.

There are too many who do not know the power and truth of HOME.

We believe that everyone in this world is precious, of value, unique.

We believe that HOME is something that should not be the limited reserve of the lucky few, but should be a universal right.

We believe that everyone on this planet is uniquely with purpose, and that this purpose should not be thwarted through lack of resource or opportunity.

We believe that this world should be beautiful, passionate, just, and living for something bigger… not merely ‘surviving’.

We believe that there is enough resource and creativity to go around – we just need to share more.

We believe that restoration and transformation of communities and lives is not impossible, but totally achievable.

To change the world. Literally. To change peoples worlds.
And we want to invite people to join us in this adventure.

Every day we make a thousand small decisions.
Where will we hang out, spend our money, have some ‘me’ time, buy creative gifts, give a little.

We each make these decisions.
And, if we can give people the chance to make really great decisions, well, we might just change the world.

That is the power of HOME.

The HOME Organisation works out its mission statement by aiming to facilitate engagement in sustainable community development on a local and international level.

In order to make this happen The HOME organisation is in the process of becoming a registered charity, and alongside that is developing its Social Enterprise arm.

This aim will be fulfilled in a number of different ways:

At the heart of the HOME Vision are local HOME venues – funky, ethical, high quality venues with a creative merchandising arm, that are coffee houses by day and licensed venues by night. Venues that appeal to our coffee house culture but have a unique twist; creating space for local artists, being a hub of information and resources for the local communities, inviting people to be a part of something BIGGER than themselves.

They will be uniquely ethical to their core – Fair-trade, accountable, green, outstanding employers.

The profits from each HOME venue will be used in community development, both overseas, and here at home.

Each HOME venue will be dynamically linked to a HOME project overseas and the life of that project will become an inextricable part of the life of the Venue through information sharing, ‘Living Room Walls’ in each venue giving regular updates and sharing in real-time the growth and development of this partnership via our partners on the ground in the projects.

It’s all about relationships – real people in real situations sharing real stories, linked to each others prosperity and growth.

We also offer people the opportunity to be HOME partners by giving financially each month, becoming a part of the ongoing HOME family, and sharing in more detail in the growth and life of the projects we are part of as a Family.

Another way to get involved in the bigger picture is our ‘Start it For Ten’ adventure, which is our main annual fundraiser. We invite people to take Ten Pounds of their hard earned cash, and invest themselves in the lives of others by taking three weeks to creatively transform that Ten Pounds into more…

As The HOME Organisation grows and develops there will be many more opportunities to get involved on a number of levels.